Who We Are


Uniprint is a manufacturer of Transactional and Security Documents and provides Fulfilment Solutions for its networked clients.

As a technology and market leader Uniprint helps its customers do business more effectively. Uniprint is ISO, FSC & PrintSecure accredited and provides managed solutions for a diverse range of print products and services to blue-chip customers and institutions that typically have mass markets or branch networks throughout Africa. We focus on: continuous stationery; integrated documents, thermal till/credit card rolls, certificates, ballots, gaming cards, vouchers, commercial print and marketing collateral.

The company began when Virjee Mehta arrived in South Africa from India in 1914, and Mahatma Gandhi employed him as a compositor on his newspaper, Indian Opinion. Twelve years later, in 1926, Virjee left to establish Universal Printing Works where he was later succeeded by his sons. The business continued as a dynamically growing and successful family concern until, as Uniprint, it was acquired by the Tiso Blackstar Group.


The Hirt|Carter Group harnesses the power and abilities of all its members, to provide a united front of holistic and innovative service offerings that provide bespoke, end-to-end solutions throughout the retail space. As part of the Tiso Blackstar Group, we also offer strategic media partnering with some of the biggest brands and channels in the country.