Uniprint Partners with CRPT

Uniprint Partners with CRPT to Develop Crypto Password Backup Solution

August 12, 2022

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Uniprint Partners with CRPT: Revolutionizing Crypto Security

Owners of Cryptocurrency manage their ‘crypto’ using digital wallets and exchanges. Access to these wallets is protected by password and PIN codes – which may only be re-issued or recovered using recovery codes or ‘seeds’. These recovery ‘seeds’ are made up of numbers, alphas and acronyms and are often up to 15 digits long. There can be many seeds required to access or recover an account and, if these are forgotten or lost, a user’s wallet may be rendered inaccessible forever. Also, if they can fall into the wrong hands a wallet is left vulnerable to being hacked.

CRPT Secure is an innovative South African start-up business. CRPT aims to address the above risk by providing a secure solution for crypto wallet users to safely and reliably back up their passwords and recovery seeds in a physical manner that is a lot more secure than having them ‘scribbled on pieces of paper and hidden under the mattress’.

The initial CRPT concept was to store multiple security passwords physically, confidentially, and securely for a crypto client. These would be printed onto a document, which is then inserted into a sealable envelope, and then secured in a personalised vault – the location of which is only known to CRPT and the client. CRPT approached Uniprint, a registered security printer, to propose concepts to give effect to the above brief but allowed Uniprint latitude to innovate and propose additional security options.
Uniprint set about the challenge of refining and optimising the CRPT brief to achieve maximum confidentiality of the printed codes, secure sealing of the printed artefact into an envelope, and then incorporating features which evidence unauthorised tampering.

Security Codes

Uniprint has been manufacturing Pin Mailers on behalf of banks for several years. These Pin Mailers comprise a document with an integrated patch/tab called a Fiscode® (Swiss Technology). The Fiscode® patch allows a pin-code to be printed onto the reverse of the tab, using a standard desktop laser printer. The code is only visible on the back-side of the tab when it is peeled (lifted) off the paper. The Fiscode® Pin mailers are used by the banks to deliver codes securely and privately to their clients for them to then activate Credit and Debit cards.

Uniprint proposed to CRPT that the crypto security codes be printed onto a document that contains multiple Fiscode® patches. The Uniprint solution renders the codes ‘hidden’ until each individual patch is lifted. Even the person printing the codes from an encrypted database when creating the backup artefact would not be able to see the codes.

The Fiscode® patches contain security features that ensure the printed code is invisible even if attempting to view using a backlight. Also, if the patches are lifted they display evidence that they have been tampered with and so highlight any security breach.

The next challenge for Uniprint was the sealable envelope wherein the document containing the codes will be placed.

Secure Envelope

The envelope had to be designed to accommodate 5 x 105gsm A4 documents and be sturdy enough to be handled and stored. The print design needed to be unique, not be easily copied, contain security features and incorporate the CRPT branding.

Uniprint sourced a sealable envelope solution constructed from 350gsm Board and had it printed lithographically using CMYK colours. The envelope also features a raised, tactile ultraviolet varnish printed in a ‘circuitry’ pattern. This doubles as a security feature. The envelope is sealable using a high-tac, double-sided tape strip which, when stuck down, cannot be lifted without tearing the envelope. The envelope may only be opened legitimately by tearing the perforated opening strip. Any attempt to open the envelope by other means will expose a breach.

Uniprint proposed an additional security seal – that of a bespoke self-adhesive hologram label (30mmx17mm) that is placed over the perforated seal. This also utilises high-tac adhesive that is unable to be removed once stuck and, if lifted, the Label would show signs of tampering.

The Uniprint solution enhanced CRPT’s concept and solved its confidentiality and security problems allowing CRPT to produce in a ‘first’ in the crypto world. Just another example of Uniprint’s expertise in action.

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