You Don’t Need a Mo to Save a Bro

December 19, 2016

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Every November men across the world grow their moustaches for what has become known as Movember. The goal: To sport a dashing moustache as a social reminder about men’s health issues such as testicular and prostate cancer. This year Uniprint ran a Facebook Movember campaign during November to raise funds for the Movember Foundation. Fans were required to grow their moustaches, take a picture and post it on the Uniprint Facebook page. In return, Uniprint would donate R10 to the foundation for every picture posted.

Throughout Movember Uniprint received numerous donations. The largest of which came from Garth Currie, Adam Curtis and Beetle Inc, so thank you to them for their generosity.  In response, Uniprint completed the donation of R2000 to the Movember Foundation.

However, the way they achieved this result was quite interesting and unexpected…

While only a few “mo posts” dotted the Uniprint page, the campaign received extraordinary engagement and coverage in the form of likes and shares. What does this mean? It’s clear that people do care about the issues at hand and that they are engaging with these issues on a deeper and more serious level.

It’s clear that Movember is evolving for the better and is becoming more than cultivating upper lipholstery. The moustache, however symbolic, seems to have taken a back seat and the question of men’s health is now in the spotlight.

From Uniprint’s perspective that’s exactly what seems to be happening, and if that is the case on a global scale – fantastic! After all, isn’t that the point?

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