Uniprint Invests in Pharmaceutical Folding

March 11, 2016

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Uniprint‘s commitment has always been to develop leaner, faster and more efficient operations, regardless of the increasingly difficult economic climate. Their latest addition to this endeavour is a Herzog Heymann KL 45 folding machine, which was chosen after four years of intense research into market requirements.
The installation allows Uniprint to significantly expand its offering to pharmaceutical companies. Herzog Heymann is a well-known and well-established manufacturer of folding machines in the pharmaceutical industry which means that Uniprint can now offer their pharmaceutical customers these services using a brand which they recognise and trust.
According to Gavin Clark, Business Development Manager for Uniprint, the company has always been active in the pharmaceutical market. However, an increasingly regulated and consumer conscious international pharmaceutical environment requires that more information be included on pack inserts. This leads to larger and more detail-rich booklets and leaflets, which makes the need for complex folding more prevalent than ever before.
In addition, legislation in South Africa will soon be aligned with the rest of the world and this will mean that printed matter will not be permitted inside pharmaceutical packaging. Uniprint has anticipated this and aims to combine printed matter with self-adhesive labels to make the inserts, “outserts”, i.e. the booklets will be attached to the outside of the container.
The new installation allows Uniprint to tackle a wider spectrum of printed pharmaceutical packaging and still offer its renowned cradle-to-grave, in-house product manufacture and control. This spans from design and layout, to printing and now complex folding.

Equipped with a pharmacode reader for product assurance and a sophisticated in-line gluer, that eliminates the need for stapling or stitching, Uniprint’s KL 45 will drive local packaging safety forward.  This new application while currently aligned to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry is available to all Uniprint customers.

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