Uniprint Gives Back with Ucare Christmas Initiative

December 5, 2016

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In the joyful spirit of the festive season, Uniprint took part in the Ucare Christmas Initiative, spreading warmth and compassion to the community. On the 19th of November, Uniprint dedicated a day to giving back to the St Thomas Home for Children. This home serves as a sanctuary for approximately 56 children who have faced the challenges of abuse, neglect, and abandonment, aiming to instill valuable life skills for their future.

Uniprint’s commitment to supporting the St Thomas Home for Children has been unwavering over the past two years. Through generous donations and quality time spent with the children, Uniprint has strived to make a positive impact on their lives. The 19th of November marked another milestone as Uniprint orchestrated a delightful day for the children. Each child received a Happy Meal and a thoughtful Christmas gift, spreading smiles and joy in the festive air. To express gratitude to the dedicated St Thomas child care staff, Uniprint provided Christmas hamper buckets filled with festive cheer.

Marie-Therese Naidoo, the head of the St Thomas Home for Children, expressed profound appreciation, stating, “Uniprint’s contribution is absolutely amazing, and words cannot express our gratitude. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lunch, the gifts, and, above all, the time Uniprint took to spend with them, making them feel special.”

The heartwarming success of Uniprint’s Christmas initiative at the St Thomas Home reflects the company’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. Uniprint takes pride in brightening up the lives of the children at the St Thomas Home for Children during this special time of year. The Ucare Christmas Initiative stands as a testament to Uniprint’s dedication to community well-being and creating lasting positive memories during the festive season.

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