Uniprint Pulls Off the Impossible for the Tanzanian Election

February 29, 2016

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Uniprint’s Tanzanian election campaign is a story of guts, perseverance and determination. The Uniprint team had to overcome near impossible odds to ensure that the recent Tanzanian elections were free and fair.

A mere six weeks was all the team was afforded to put together a fully functional election. However, pressure intensified on the team when the deadline was shortened to four weeks.

The tender included materials for the presidential, parliamentary, local ward elections and result sheets. In addition, Uniprint manufactured sample ballot papers for staff training and tactile ballot papers for the visually impaired. The result was an astounding 28 000 000 ballot papers equalling 700 tonnes of security grade paper!

Each ballot paper was created by Uniprint. This meant preparing 18000 photographs for candidates contesting for 4500 parliamentary seats into 270 different kinds of ballot books.

The logistical side of the project presented the team with another daunting challenge. Tanzania is divided into six election zones with a total of 70 000 election stations. Each ballot book had to be individually barcoded and boxed correctly using specialised software to ensure that it reached the right station.

Delivery also posed major challenges for the team. Uniprint hired seven Ethiopian Airways Boeing 777 cargo planes which were specially palletised to carry the load to Tanzania.

Uniprint CEO, Bharat Mehta, said, “The commitment from the employees at all levels was nothing short of miraculous”. The CEO went on to state that, “At the end of the project there were zero complaints and plenty of congratulations from the Tanzanian authorities as all printed materials were delivered on time and in full”.

This project is yet another example of Uniprint’s willingness to go the extra-mile to provide a superior level of customer service.