Share a coke campaign

September 16, 2015

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Sharing Uniprint’s journey in the Share a Coke campaign

The South African edition of the Share a Coke campaign ran from September 2013 to February 2014 and required 600 names printed across 100 million labels in an extremely complex project.

Partnering with Coca-Cola South Africa (CCSA):

Coca-Cola turned to their South African printing partners, Uniprint who had been printing flexographic wraparound labels and short run digitally-printed packaging for CCSA for some time.

“Initially, we looked at options that included importing. However, we finally decided on the longer-term benefits of partnering with a local printer to bring advanced digital technology to our shores,” said CCSA’s Marketing Director, Sharon Keith.

Uniprint managed to keep up with the demand of CCSA’s gargantuan project by growing their internal processes and installing new equipment as the project progressed.

Collaborating with CCSA’s bottlers:

While CCSA may have initiated the campaign, they had no control over the volumes or capacities of their individual bottlers. This required Uniprint to liaise with the bottlers in order to ascertain how many labels each would need.

The collaboration extended beyond the numbers and into the realm of quality testing, requiring both parties to communicate closely to achieve the best possible outcome.

In conclusion:

The success of the campaign could mean further developments in personalised labelling as a marketing medium. An exciting prospect which, given the opportunity to develop further, will undoubtedly see Uniprint at the helm.

Uniprint General Manager, Leal Wright, reflected on the project saying, “The Share a Coke campaign was a printing project unlike any other that has been undertaken by a South African printing company and although we incurred some unexpected costs during the learning curve, we wouldn’t change the process”.