Quality & Safety Drive Uniprint’s New Accreditation

June 30, 2017

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ISO 22000 Accreditation

Uniprint has always been about providing their customers with the best possible products while maintaining a safe work environment for THEIR employees. With that in mind Uniprint’s latest accreditation, while somewhat unexpected, really is a no-brainer. Uniprint has been ISO 9001 accredited to ensure that they offer their customers the best product quality possible. However, recently Uniprint decided to invest further in product quality, health and safety at the Uniprint factory. The result was an ISO 22000 accreditation – a Food Safety Management System which includes HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a preventative and systematic approach to food safety which minimises risks with regards to biological, chemical and physical hazards.

“At Uniprint we work extensively with chemicals and adhesives, so it’s important that our customers know that we have the necessary processes in place to minimise these risks,” explained Akash Kalapdeo. Uniprint’s driving force behind the accreditation process. While Uniprint had been adhering to HACCP regulations for years they didn’t have the certification as evidence of their efforts. “We had the systems in place, but needed a certificate to prove it. This accreditation will make the auditing process much smoother which will improve operations and productivity,” continued Kalapdeo.

Audits are a requirement for a food safe system and Uniprint customers, especially those who sell and distribute food products, often request audits of the Uniprint factory. This accreditation enables Uniprint to provide each customer with a certificate which states that their packaging and labels were manufactured in an ISO 22000 food safe system.

Obtaining the accreditation required an audit to be carried out by and international certification body. The company contracted with DNV and the audit was led by a Food Science Professor from Cairo University and included a complete assessment of the Uniprint factory, their products and their manufacturing processes. The process was lengthy but considering the benefits to both Uniprint and their customers, becoming ISO 22000 certified made too much business sense to ignore.

“An ISO 22000 accreditation is not common for a secondary packaging provider such as Uniprint, so essentially we really have gone above and beyond to ensure our customers feel comfortable and receive products that comply with their requirements,” said Kalapdeo.

The ISO 22000 accreditation is yet another indication to Uniprint’s customers that they are willing to go the extra-mile to deliver the best products and service possible. “At the end of the day, customers want to know that the packaging won’t compromise their product and ISO 22000 will give them that,” concluded Kalapdeo.

Essentially, this accreditation is a pivotal moment for Uniprint. Not only have they taken a step ahead of the competition by offering guaranteed quality assurances that other uncertified packagers and printers cannot, but they’ve added value to their offering but giving their customers something essential in the food packaging business – peace of mind.

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