Origamoo! Mosaic turns an iconic chocolate brand into 1 million original origami cows.

February 18, 2016

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One million chocolate bars are now on the supermarket shelves in Israel with one-of-a kind wrappers created by HP SmartStream Mosaic and printed on the HP Indigo 10000. Instead of a traditional red wrapper, each individual piece of the Cow Chocolate brand has a unique design. In an added twist, the wrappers can be folded into one-of-a kind paper sculptures of cows using origami, thus giving the campaign its unique name: Origamoo. Mosaic giving new life to brands Facing increased competition from imported brands, Strauss Elite wanted to breathe new life and attract attention with innovative packaging for its original brand, existing since 1934. Sales of the Origamoo version that engage the customer are expected to be 10 times higher than the standard item. The one-of-a-kind duplex wrappers for the marketing campaign were generated by Mosaic variable design technology from 17 original seed patterns, and printed by Ilan Print. An origami artist was commissioned to design the fold of the wrapper, and the inside of the wrapper features dotted lines to start the process. Consumers can find the folding instructions in a dedicated website. Origamoo participants are encouraged to tag images of their creations on Facebook and Instagram and win prizes. The project was launched with a wide media campaign including a TV ad, billboards and social media.

Ready to unfold creativity? Join the Origamoo movement today and create your own origami cows. Contact us for more information!