Identity and Registration Solutions


The age of big data and analytics makes it possible for departments of state or entire governments to harness digitalisation in a win-win scenario for members or citizens. By making the leap from traditional analogue processes to information-based administration, governments can increase efficiencies in rolling out projects while decreasing financial leakage and increasing revenue from tax; licence; rates and fee collections.

A department or government that leverages accurate information about the lives and needs of its members or citizens is one that is empowered to optimise the impact of its service delivery. Our speciality is the transition between analogue and digital – where we aggregate best-in-class hardware and software technologies to implement state-department or national level identity solutions. We cover the hierarchy of security levels: from photograph, through fingerprint and iris, to facial recognition. At UniPrint Global we have years of experience in implementing complex solutions for governments and our focus is ‘African solutions that work for African countries’.

It all begins with information. Identifying citizens and storing meaningful, consistent, secure data about them is the foundation of all things digital. A national database with authenticated national identity documents and census data can:

  • Guide the creation and amendments of legislation.
  • Provide the insight necessary for effective rollout of major infrastructure.
  • Drive national education and health initiatives.
  • Improve service delivery of municipal utilities.
  • Create a critical skills database.
  • Simplify and streamline the management and payment of pensions and grants.
  • Make registration and regulation of entities, property and assets quick and seamless.
  • Consolidate and simplify all licensing information/activities.
  • Increase government revenue by bringing individuals, organisations and assets into the tax base.
  • Provide a secure central repository for all documents, allowing for greater inter-departmental service delivery and data exchange.
  • Ensure that all information can be easily and quickly audited for accuracy and integrity.
  • Contribute to effective compliance.
  • Allow for targeted bulk and individual push communications with citizens over various platforms.
  • The digital age allows governments to do more with fewer resources, harnessing the power of technology to reduce paperwork, decrease time taken to complete tasks, create inter-departmental synergies and accelerate economic growth through greater productivity.

Speak to us about making e-Government possible: Digital government solutions bring government and citizens closer, enable greater Public-Private Partnerships, relocate administration into the hands of ordinary people and improve the citizen experience.

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Ready to revolutionise your government’s digital administration? UniPrint Global specialises in cutting-edge identity and registration solutions tailored for state departments and national governments across Africa. Our expertise spans from biometric security systems to streamlined data management, empowering efficient service delivery and revenue enhancement through advanced digital technologies.

Partner with us to simplify your government’s processes and enhance citizen engagement with seamless digital solutions. Whether you’re looking to implement comprehensive identity management systems or streamline licensing and regulatory activities, UniPrint Global is your trusted partner.

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