Investing in Future Leaders at DUT World of Work Career Fair

September 14, 2016

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Recently, Uniprint took part in the DUT World of Work Career Fair, an annual event where top performing students are offered internships and graduate jobs from participating businesses. This year Uniprint, along with 100 employees from over 10 industries, took part in the exhibition to try and attract the top young talent to their business.

Uniprint believes in investing and developing the future business leaders of tomorrow and every year the company commits to providing 15 internship opportunities to talented and eager students who are willing to learn new things, enabling them to gain work experience to complement their studies.

The DUT World of Work Career Fair is an amazing opportunity for any graduate, and the inquisitive and enthusiastic students at this year’s exhibition didn’t take it for granted, and wasted no time in submitting their applications. The exhibition ran for two days and in that time Uniprint received an incredible number of applications and attracted many of the young potentials to their ranks. The students who are selected will receive internship opportunities ranging from engineering, human resources, sales & marketing, information technology, and finance.

These interns will be given a chance to work on real projects and be exposed to Uniprint’s people, culture and the fast-paced, ever-changing printing environment.

The interns will receive a hands-on experience that will assist them in identifying where their skills can be utilised as they begin their careers. The printing industry requires a variety of skills, and this internship opportunity will give interns a chance to explore their skillsets within the industry to see where they could best add value to the industry.

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