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Captivating Chronicles of Lesotho’s 2023 Elections

October 23, 2023

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Lesotho’s 2023 Elections

Nestled within South Africa’s embrace, Lesotho’s vibrant electoral history showcases a resilient journey towards democracy.

The nation has witnessed political triumphs and challenges since the inaugural 1970 general election. The passage of time marked shifts in power, the birth of political entities, and an unwavering commitment to democratic principles by the Basotho populace.

As a proud partner in security printing for the Lesotho national elections, we share a quick overview of the results from this month’s elections.

Recent Electoral Highlights

The 2023 elections proved momentous for Lesotho. The fledgling Revolution for Prosperity party, under business tycoon Sam Matekane, clinched 56 of the 120 constituencies.

Matekane’s party, although young, resonated with the aspirations of the youthful electorate, who viewed it as a beacon of change. The streets of Maseru were alive with jubilation as the results trickled in. Yet, the quest for an outright majority remained elusive. With the party falling five seats short, the hunt for a coalition partner began, spotlighting the Democratic Congress as a potential ally.

Key Players of 2023

While the Revolution for Prosperity led the scoreboard, other political entities also made their mark. The Democratic Congress secured second place with 26 seats, followed by parties such as the Basotho Action Party, Alliance of Democrats and the Movement for Economic Change. A notable turn of events was the downfall of the erstwhile ruling All Basotho Convention, which failed to secure any of the 80 directly elected seats.

The Electoral Process

Lesotho’s democratic edifice is rooted in its Parliament, a two-pronged system ensuring expansive representation and power equilibrium.

National Assembly: A vibrant assembly of 120 members, each elected for a five-year tenure, reflects the diverse voices of Lesotho. With 80 members chosen from single-seat constituencies, the Mixed Member Proportional Representation system reinforces a balance between direct and proportional representation.

Senate: Comprising 33 nominated stalwarts, the Senate embodies expertise and representation from diverse societal sectors, ensuring a rounded legislative approach.

Maintaining Electoral Integrity

Lesotho’s 2023 elections reaffirmed its robust democratic process. Bodies that oversee voter registration, vote monitoring and result declaration play a crucial role in preserving the sanctity of the electoral system as well as printed voter ballots of international quality.

Recognitions from organisations such as the South African Development Community, African Union and European Union attest to the fairness of Lesotho’s electoral procedures. The international observer presence further reinforces alignment with global democratic norms.

Looking Ahead

With voter turnout dipping to 38% in 2023 from 47% in 2017, Lesotho stands on the cusp of another democratic phase. As the nation anticipates future electoral events, it remains crucial to uphold the tenets of transparency, security and representation in its electoral process.

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