No Limits to Amarula’s Creativity

January 12, 2017

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Amarula’s Limited Edition

Over the years Amarula has become synonymous with Africa. From the heroic image of the African Elephant to the shape and colour of the bottle and the marula fruit itself, Amarula is quintessentially South African and a favourite parting gift amongst tourists at Duty Free outlets. This year, in order to drive sales through this essential Travel Retail channel, Distell required bespoke offerings of their product. They decided on a Amarula’s Limited Edition Collection of attractive and original Amarula bottles which screamed louder than ever before – “Made in Africa”.

Seeing as Amarula is already deeply entrenched in African culture, this presented a challenge. They needed to further embrace their heritage without their product becoming too gimmicky. Taking cues from Africa’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage, Distell developed three original designs.

It was a tough task and one that Uniprint undertook with zeal!

To achieve the brief, Uniprint relied on the combined expertise of the production, creative and sales departments.
These patterns were then printed on a sleeve made from PET 45um material using Flexo P2P technology. Due to the intricacy and vibrancy of the designs the printing process became extremely technical. They used a combination of fine screens made up of only 3 colours to effectively capture an authentic feel of African culture in the designs while HD technology brought the sleeves to life! It ensured depth, effect and clarity and eliminated colour variation, banding and gear marking.

Achieving this effect within high shrink areas is complex, but due to Uniprint’s sophisticated printing equipment, expertise, professionalism and teamwork, they created a range of Limited Edition Amarula packaging which exceeded the client’s expectations.

In addition, the project saw Uniprint named as finalists in FTASA in 2016 while also winning an award for Outstanding Print Quality at Label Expo In Brussels in 2016.

The Limited Edition Amarula Range will be available at Global Travel Retail shops during November and December 2016.