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July 20, 2016

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Uniprint Develops Exceptional Creative Packaging for Sales Conference

Each year the Uniprint Sales Conference provides Uniprint’s 40 strong Sales Team with the opportunity to network and enjoy some well-deserved downtime with their colleagues.

The event, however, poses a unique challenge to Business Development Manager Gavin Clark and the Packaging Division who are charged year-after-year with creating new and exciting designs to create hype in the sales office.

Purpose. Passion. People.

The 2015 conference spanned two days and took the Sales Team on a journey through the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands where they visited the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, Piggly Wiggly Farm Stall and Karkloof Canopy Tours.

The brief sounded straightforward: create a design which shows the team members what we’re capable of and gets them excited for the year ahead. But Gavin and his team were well aware that to deliver brilliance they needed to think outside the box…

So they did exactly that!

Design 1: The Invite

To invite the Sales Team on this exciting adventure they came up with an ingenious hexagonal prism design as a fresh take on an event invite.


The prism folded multiple ways and contained small gifts which were housed in various compartments to introduce the different legs of the trip.

Design 2: The Gift

Considering the fact that the conference was a getaway, the team put their heads together to come up with a creative way to thank the Sales Team for their attendance. They developed a design which when folded together looked like an authentic leather suitcase. The case was filled with products donated by customers and carried Uniprint branding. The theme of the conference was also featured on the packaging to once again reinforce the message of passion, purpose and people, with the view of creating unity in the Team.


This year the task will once again fall to Gavin and his team to develop a fresh approach to this annual event and devise new and exciting ways to show off Uniprint’s extensive capabilities which will facilitate drive, passion and unity in the new-look Sales Team.

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