A Local Product for Lucky Pooches

September 22, 2016

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Murphy’s Gravy: A Local Product for Dogs

Processed dog food was first introduced in 1860 by an American named James Spratt. Branded back then as Spratt’s Patent Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes, the 19th┬ácentury dog food product was widely popular and today, over 150 years later, bone-shaped biscuits are still manufactured in the very same factory where Spratt developed his dog biscuit breakthrough.

Fast-forward to present day South Africa and local pet food entrepreneur David Dunton is also innovating tasty dishes for our furry friends. Inspired by Murphy, his fussy eating Irish Terrier, Dunton developed Murphy’s Gravy; a delicious and healthy dog gravy product which pets find irresistible.

After sourcing expertise from local nutritionists, cooking process consultants and veterinarians, Dunton turned to Uniprint for packaging assistance. Using a printed shrink sleeve, Uniprint completed the circle in the Murphy’s Gravy product development and helped deliver an attractive, easy-to-use, convenient and most importantly 100% locally manufactured premium dog gravy to the supermarket shelf.

Ready to enhance your pet’s dining experience? Contact us now to learn more about Murphy’s Gravy and how it can delight your furry friend!