50 Best Chocolate Packaging Design Ideas

July 5, 2016

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MERCHANDISING FMK Chocolate (design & process) via Robert Urban

Chocolate (design & process) / manufactured to anniversary of Faculty of Multimedia Communications in Zlín


Hnina – Healthy Chocolates via Isabela Rodrigues

Packaging with all the love that chocolate is made.


Caramela chocolate boutique via Anagrama

Caramela is a chocolate boutique located in Monterrey, Mexico. The packaging design is inspired on industrial packaging systems used adhesive stickers and identification codes as part of the brand’s language stylizing them with simple layouts and joyful colors.


 Chocolates with attitude 2012 via Bessermachen DesignStudio

A 1.5 kilo chocolate box as a manifest about brand personalities and packaging design. 
The box consists of 12 small differentiated boxes. Each box represents an archetype/a personality in a typographic solution. The chocolate’s taste were selected to fit each personality.


Gema Packing and Lettering via Renan Vizzotto

Gema Packing and Lettering


Maya Chocolates – Branding & Packaging via Eri Liougkou 

Maya Chocolates branding and packaging design – Personal project.


Reserves via Maija Rozenfelde

Packaging series for Salzburg Chocolate Werks, a chocolate brand from Austria. To emphasize their 100th Anniversary, the main theme to explore was Wiener Werkstatte and the designs of their time.


Sabadì via Happycentro

Sabadì is a brand that mainly focuses, since its birth, to eatables that have a magic inside. The first product that came out of this brand is a “cioccolato di Modica”, a typical sicilian way of making chocolate, in this case made by extraordinary cocoa selected in Ecuador, in six combinations with strong personality. The raw materials used come from fair trade producers and Slow Food presidia with respect for small indigenous
communities, the environment and biodiversity.


MAGI – Custom Homemade Chocolate via Marek Mundok

Custom Homemade Chocolate.


Violette Chocolatier – branding via Martin Sitta

a classic and memorable identity design that portrayed strong visual brand for Belgian Chocolate Company..

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