36 Clever (and Quirky) Packaging Designs

April 8, 2016

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Dino gum! There’s no doubt I’ll just buy the gum for its dino-styled package!

nyc spaghetti

NYC Spaghetti
A very famous and impressive design that is showcased through several famous blogs, and this masterpiece is actually just Alex Creamer’s university project! On the bottom side of the box is a model of the Chrysler building that pushes the spaghetti up to create a skyscraper shape showcased below.

battery salt

I’m Not A Battery
“Rechargeable power for your dining table.”

ampro wine

AMPRO Bottle
The bottle which also serves as the glass, talk about user-friendliness! Yet the design can be so elegant without eating into function.

orange drop

Really amazing design that strikes the eyes of the consumers, also probably one of the designs that deserve the consumer’s money.


You won’t be able to get young or female customers without cute designs, and these Fridgeezoo packages shows you how it’s done.

apple juicebox

Juice Box
Another delicious juice packaging that uses the fruit skin as part of its design, and it does looks really juicy! Well done slwshin!

hanger tea

Hanger Tea
I’m not sure, but I think no other tea packaging can be more charming than this! Also a great execution of colors does improve the design a lot.

rellana wool

Rellana Wool
The design of the Ogilvy Deutschland has the same packaging style as other similar designs, but the design of the package changes everything from plain to impressive. This probably shows you how important the creative design is.


The best packaging design could be the design that shows off the msot amazing feature that the product offers.

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