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Uniprint Global leads the way in comprehensive print solutions, exceptional products and unmatched customer service in:

TRANSACTIONAL DOCUMENTS: Business Forms | Transactional Forms | Hybrid Documents | Thermal Till Rolls & ATM Rolls
ELECTIONS & SECURITY PRINT: Identity & Registration Solutions: Population Registration | Voter Registration | Population Identity | Census

Crafted and developed since 1926, our vast experience in printing has resulted in world-class systems & processes – formalised and ratified by way of global certifications (ISO, PrintSecure). These finely tuned systems are at the core of our business, guaranteeing the superior level of performance, delivery and customer satisfaction which have become synonymous with our company.

The company began when Virjee Mehta arrived in South Africa from India in 1914, and Mahatma Gandhi employed him as a compositor on his newspaper, Indian Opinion. Twelve years later, in 1926, Virjee left to establish Universal Printing Works where he was later succeeded by his sons.

As of August 2023, Uniprint has been acquired by Lebone Litho Printers and has been rebranded as Uniprint Global. Under the new ownership, Uniprint Global aims to expand its reach into new sectors and to further its reach into the African continent. Uniprint Global is dedicated to ensuring quality print manufacturing, continues to value its existing clients and looks forward to continued growth.