Our operational approach enables us to take on the most remarkable and extraordinary projects, regardless of their complexity or magnitude. We are able to provide an eclectic mix of printing products such as packaging and labels, security and tamper evident printing, transactional forms and much more to various corporate customers who require large volumes. Ultimately, our enthusiastic team, sound business approach and excellent organisational skills give us the ability to meet the most exacting demands.

Security & Tamper Evident printing

Counterfeiting of products is growing at an alarming rate, endangering the health of consumers, harming the environment and crops, and causing significant economic impact. At the same time, confidential information has to be distributed on forms and mailers and security of the product and its manufacture is paramount. All this is ensured by Uniprint.

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Marketing Products

Give your products the boost they need to drive sales and online traffic with the help of Uniprint’s promotions and games! Add consumer excitement and anticipation. Can be used as a single hand-out piece or inside promotional constructions

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Packaging & Labels

Uniprint understands that image is everything. You have to turn heads on that shelf … design and print quality is critical to attract customers at point of sale. Our labels are the ultimate in quality and execution: beautiful grades; impossible tones; and gorgeous metallics … on any substrate. That’s why we count the biggest brands and corporates as friends. 

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Transactional Forms

Uniprint is one of the largest suppliers of business forms in South Africa, printing an average of 14 million waybills per year. But when it comes to logistics and customer support, we really are way ahead.

Our investment in best-of-breed technology and development continues to grow progressive, industry-relevant solutions. Our commitment to innovation has attracted a customer network of large players and made us a market leader.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical

For over forty-five years, Dion Label Printing, Inc. has been a top printer of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical labels. Unique from other labels, OTC pharmaceutical labels are especially dependent upon on quality, accuracy and detailed documentation. Dion Label Printing has documented and advanced control procedures to ensure a high level of quality for all OTC pharmaceutical labels.

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When it comes to logistics and customer support, we really are way ahead.

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DTP & Repro

Our internal DTP department manages the artwork and digital data of our entire customer base. We ensure that confidentiality is maintained, so product launches and design changes can be developed with the confidence that the first time they will be seen, is when they are in the trade!

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